[cairo] [cairo/glitz] glitz patches?

Nicolas Bruguier nicolas.bruguier at supersonicimagine.fr
Fri Nov 21 08:37:57 PST 2008

Hi Paolo,

Here is a response for both of your emails.   

> 1) is there a reason why the infamous 16.6/24.8 fixed point patch has
> never been applied to Cairo (attached)?  With this patch I can run
> cairogears pretty well with only a failure on the GRAD test.

I'm not cairo maintainer, but I think glitz needs some improvements
before we can be apply this patch. I currently working to improve error
management in glitz especially when we access a resource which is not
available anymore.

> 2) I took a look at Nicolas Bruguier's branch and it looks like some
> things are not fleshed out yet and should probably not be applied to 
> the freedesktop.org repository.  For example, the BindTexImage 
> extension should be replicable in the EGL/AGL backends (don't know  
> about GLX) but I am not sure the API should be the same one that 
> Nicolas used.

I'm waiting for this issue to be resolved associated with my account
so I can commit my modifications on freedesktop git and to create my own
cairo branch.

> Also, I'm working here-and-then on a Cocoa (NSOpenGL) backend.  Are 
> you interested?

All patch and glitz improvements are welcome, I'll take a look at your
git repos, to review and apply your patches in upstream.


Nicolas Bruguier
R&D Software Engineer

Email : nicolas.bruguier at supersonicimagine.fr


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