[cairo] Font issues in PS and PDF

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Sun Nov 23 10:53:30 PST 2008

>>>>> "AZ" == AngryZealot  <angryzealot at gmail.com> writes:

AZ> My project requires PS or PDF output that can be edited in Adobe
AZ> Illustrator. ...

AZ> A quick look at the ps backend makes me think the issue is with font
AZ> subsetting. The fonts are saved with the name "f-%d-%d" ...
AZ> Illustrator naturally can't find a system font f-0-0, so it converts
AZ> everything to outlines. If I manually edit the postscript file by
AZ> replacing f-0-0 with the appropriate font name, everything works
AZ> beautifully, and Illustrator handles the text just fine.

Most apps create subset font names by prepending six majuscule ASCII
letters and a plus sign to the original font name, following Adobe's
recomendation in the PDF reference.  I'm sure Illustrator expects that
and would Do The Right Thing were cairo to also use that style.

The norm is either a random string or some relevant digest (perhaps of
the font's version and the list of glyphs included in the subset).

There are workflows where avoiding subsetting is required, so a flag for
that is useful.  But it would also be useful to use the normal method of
naming font subsets.

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