[cairo] Font issues in PS and PDF

Adrian Johnson ajohnson at redneon.com
Tue Nov 25 04:56:52 PST 2008

James Cloos wrote:
>>>>>> "AZ" == AngryZealot  <angryzealot at gmail.com> writes:
> AZ> My project requires PS or PDF output that can be edited in Adobe
> AZ> Illustrator. ...
> AZ> A quick look at the ps backend makes me think the issue is with font
> AZ> subsetting. The fonts are saved with the name "f-%d-%d" ...
> AZ> Illustrator naturally can't find a system font f-0-0, so it converts
> AZ> everything to outlines. If I manually edit the postscript file by
> AZ> replacing f-0-0 with the appropriate font name, everything works
> AZ> beautifully, and Illustrator handles the text just fine.
> Most apps create subset font names by prepending six majuscule ASCII
> letters and a plus sign to the original font name, following Adobe's
> recomendation in the PDF reference.  I'm sure Illustrator expects that
> and would Do The Right Thing were cairo to also use that style.
> The norm is either a random string or some relevant digest (perhaps of
> the font's version and the list of glyphs included in the subset).
> There are workflows where avoiding subsetting is required, so a flag for
> that is useful.  But it would also be useful to use the normal method of
> naming font subsets.
> -JimC

I've have written a couple of patches for the PDF backend that prepends 
the font tag and sets the /FontFamily key to the unmodified font name. 
If this fixes the problem I can make the Type 1 and OpenType/CFF 
subsetters also provide the original font name.

The patches are at:


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