[cairo] A theme (and challenge) for 1.8.2: Eliminating XFAILs!

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Tue Oct 14 16:29:11 PDT 2008

On Fri, 2008-10-03 at 12:28 -0700, Carl Worth wrote:
> > So that's 20 failures. What do you think? Can we fix 2 per week and ship
> > a failure-free 1.8.2 in 10 weeks?
> I'm amazed! It's only been one week and already 7 of those 20 failures
> have been eliminated, and I believe we have fixes in hand for two more
> already, (extend-pad and self-intersecting). This is phenomenal
> progress. Way to go, everybody!

So 10 weeks was way too much time. We really need a 1.8.2 release much
sooner, (like this week). There are already some important bug fixes
that we really need to get out.

And the big push on the XFAIL tests has slowed down now. We still have
the patches to fix the extend-pad and self-intersecting test cases in
branches, but those patches are also a bit more invasive than the stuff
we've got in place already.

So I think we've got the fixes in place that we need for 1.8.2.

> During that same week, Chris Wilson has been putting in some fantastic
> triage work for our bugs in bugzilla, reducing the number of open bugs
> against cairo from 212 to 173.

Chris hasn't slowed down on this front. The open bug list is now down to
63. Much of this recent progress was moving wishlist items to
http://cairographics.org/todo as I suggested earlier. I think this will
make both our todo list and our bug list easier to use. Fantastic work,

> So I'm thinking that within another week we'll perhaps be ready for
> 1.8.2? We may not have every XFAIL fixed by then, but maybe we'll know
> that any that are left will require significant effort.
> If so, then we can start landing all of the really interesting code that
> has been piling up, (Joonas' polygon rasterizer, Chris' total rewrite of
> the test suite, Adrian+Chris' support for embedding an image only once
> into a PDF file[*], etc.).

And the interesting code keeps piling up, (two different attempts to fix
cairo's downscaling (both box-filter and mipmap), the extend-pad and
self-intersecting fixes mentioned above, a new patch for the LCD filter
code in freetype, etc.).

So here are my two questions for everybody:

1. Is there anything in current cairo master that should be fixed before
1.8.2 ?

2. Is there anything that's not yet in cairo master that should be added
before 1.8.2?

If nothing comes up for either of those, then I'll be inclined to make
the cairo 1.8.2 release in a day or two. Then we can open the floodgates
for lots of new code to land.

Should be great fun!


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