[cairo] pixman & win64

Thomas Stover thomas at wsinnovations.com
Fri Oct 17 13:04:02 PDT 2008

Sorry I haven't followed up on my post yet. I did get pixman to build 
with cl.exe 9.0 x86_64 by disabling both MMX and SSE2. I haven't moved 
beyond that to building cairo yet, due to similar a related issue with 
zlib.All this got me on several day long side track learning some basic 
information on SIMD tech, inline assembly, and compiler 
intrinsics/built-in functions. I almost wish I could go back to being 
naive :) It does make me more appreciate how difficult it is to make 
cross platform libraries like cairo perform optimally across different 

A colleague of mine and I have discussed building some test programs 
with cairo on few OS / compiler / options combinations and timing them 
on the same hardware. We'll probably get around to this in the next week 
or two. I'm sure it will prove insightful. Stay tuned for the results. 
Any ideas?

Makoto Kato wrote:
> Hi, Thomas.
> I believe that MMX instruction doesn't support CL.EXE for amd64.  (It
> only supports SSE2)
> Thomas, you should not use USE_MMX and USE_SSE2 for MSVC.  Sicne
> USE_SSE2 uses MMX code, you don't enable USE_SSE2 even if Windows x64.

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