[cairo] Stani's tribute to "Netherlands and Architecture"

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Wed Oct 29 23:15:57 PDT 2008

OK. I'll admit that that subject line might seem a bit out of place for
this mailing list. But let me explain.

As the maintainer of cairo, I'm lucky enough to occasionally get an
email with a subject along the lines of:

	thank you for cairo!

And the person shares some fun project they recently completed with
cairo. Today I got a message with that subject from Stani Michiels who
apparently got intrigued by cairo after attending a talk a gave at Libre
Graphics Meeting. He went on to share an absoluting fascinating project
which he just completed, and I think many might find interesting. Here's
his introduction, and follow the link to his blog for more details:

	I attended your presentation about Cairo on the Libre
	conference. It wet my appetite to try it out and I am
	really impressed.

	If in this credit crisis, you are looking for some positive
	financial news with its roots in Cairo and have some extra
	time, you might enjoy this story:


	It will only take you a couple of minutes and I guarantee
	you will feel better afterwards ;-)

Congratulations, Stani! If you'd like to share any more details of how
you used cairo, (or even any problems you had with it or shortcomings
you ran into), please feel free. And if you've got any code to share,
we'd love to see that too of course.

Have fun with cairo!


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