[cairo] Stani's tribute to "Netherlands and Architecture"

Behdad Esfahbod behdad at behdad.org
Wed Oct 29 23:59:25 PDT 2008

Thanks Carl for sharing.  Stani, this is the coolest use of cairo I've seen, ever!



Carl Worth wrote:
> OK. I'll admit that that subject line might seem a bit out of place for
> this mailing list. But let me explain.
> As the maintainer of cairo, I'm lucky enough to occasionally get an
> email with a subject along the lines of:
> 	thank you for cairo!
> And the person shares some fun project they recently completed with
> cairo. Today I got a message with that subject from Stani Michiels who
> apparently got intrigued by cairo after attending a talk a gave at Libre
> Graphics Meeting. He went on to share an absoluting fascinating project
> which he just completed, and I think many might find interesting. Here's
> his introduction, and follow the link to his blog for more details:
> 	I attended your presentation about Cairo on the Libre
> 	conference. It wet my appetite to try it out and I am
> 	really impressed.
> 	If in this credit crisis, you are looking for some positive
> 	financial news with its roots in Cairo and have some extra
> 	time, you might enjoy this story:
> 	http://pythonide.blogspot.com/2008/10/how-to-make-money-with-free-software.html
> 	It will only take you a couple of minutes and I guarantee
> 	you will feel better afterwards ;-)
> Congratulations, Stani! If you'd like to share any more details of how
> you used cairo, (or even any problems you had with it or shortcomings
> you ran into), please feel free. And if you've got any code to share,
> we'd love to see that too of course.
> Have fun with cairo!
> -Carl
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