[cairo] Rendering SVG with libRSVG,Python ...

Tim Grove tim_grove at sil.org
Tue Sep 2 10:24:00 PDT 2008

In the recipe found at 
http://www.cairographics.org/cookbook/librsvgpython/, the intro reads:

"Normally it's easier to use librsvg Python bindings from PyGTK, so you 
can import rsvg. When that's not an option, you may be able to bind just 
enough of it using the ctypes module to use it. Example for win32 follows."

I've been having trouble getting the actual recipe for ctypes working 
(another story - visit the ctypes mailing list!!!), but I'm looking for 
advice on how to get my pc setup (Windows XP Pro) so that I can use 
"import rsvg" in my python program, as suggested by the intro. Can 
anyone help?


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