[cairo] gobject boxed types

Colin Walters walters at verbum.org
Fri Sep 12 17:02:07 PDT 2008


We had a short discussion about this on #gtk+ a few days ago.
Basically, it would greatly help the GObject-based stack above Cairo
(GTK+, HippoCanvas, GooCanvas, Clutter, etc.) if we had official
GObject "boxed" types for Cairo objects.

This is necessary because the GTypes are used in things like signals
to specify argument types, and language bindings need that data.  Now,
one possibility Matthias Clasen suggested would be to put these in
GDK, which would be somewhat tricky from a layering perspective
(neither Pango nor Clutter for example currently depend on GDK as far
as I know), but might be workable.  Another possibility is to put them
in Cairo itself, optionally enabled.

Just to be extremely clear the goal is not to have cairo hard depend
on GLib in any way - for example Mozilla on Windows/OS X and any other
embedded type cases would ship with this off and things should be
fine. I do expect however that freedesktop.org/Linux OS vendors and
the like would ship with this enabled.

Here is a patch, should apply to the latest git.
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