[cairo] _cairo_win32_tmpfile()

Augusto Radtke radtke at radtke.com.br
Thu Sep 25 19:40:09 PDT 2008

> > I maybe wrong, but I think _cairo_win32_tmpfile() doesn't need to exist
> > on cairo-misc.c because it's already on cairo-win32.c, can anyone
> > confirm that?
> Humm...  There is no cairo-win32.c in 1.8.0.

You're right, when updating my private copy I just copied the new
files over and forgot to check which ones has gone away.

> Glad you liked it.  Is there anything else we can include (vcproj file?) to
> make it easier?  Also, how do you create cairo-features.h or decide which
> files to include?  Can VC use simple makefiles?  I have a vague memory that it
> could.

Actually for me 1.8.0 has made it! I keep a private copy of cairo
sources and I have my own building system using vcprojs, they have
specific shared vsprops (kinda common settings files) so a default
cairo vcproj won't be useful anyway. I compile cairo statically inside
a widget dll library I have. I usually set cairo-features.h by hand
and decide which files to include looking on the unix makefiles (used
to, now I look on Makefile.sources, good work).

Now IMHO cairo should include a vcproj. I don't think that native
win32 developers like to use makefile or setup an gnu environment just
to compile cairo. But don't take just my word because I'm no native
win32 developer. I used to develop only on Linux my entire life but
for the fact that my customers runs mostly Windows I'm using it as the
primary development platform.

I can make a nice vcproj very customizable via vsprops of cairo and
pixman and send to you as a commit if you want, I just need couple
hours of sleep first.


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