[cairo] Hebrew, Cyrillic

Dominic Lachowicz domlachowicz at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 05:30:05 PDT 2008

Hi Joerg,

Thanks for trying cairo! You're using the "toy" text API, which has
some known limitations. From the documentation:

"The functions with text in their name form cairo's toy text API. The
toy API takes UTF-8 encoded text and is limited in its functionality
to rendering simple left-to-right text with no advanced features. That
means for example that most complex scripts like Hebrew, Arabic, and
Indic scripts are out of question. No kerning or correct positioning
of diacritical marks either. The font selection is pretty limited too
and doesn't handle the case that the selected font does not cover the
characters in the text. This set of functions are really that, a toy
text API, for testing and demonstration purposes. Any serious
application should avoid them."

It's usually recommended that you use something like Pango or
Uniscribe to layout text and draw it with Cairo.

It's likely that your 2 boxes use different substitute fonts for "Times".

Hope that helps,

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