[cairo] [cairo-announce] [ANNOUNCE] pixman release 0.15.10 now available

Jonathan Morton jonathan.morton at movial.com
Wed Jun 10 04:24:41 PDT 2009

> > A new pixman release 0.15.10 is now available. This is a development
> > release leading up to a stable 0.16.0 release.
> I'm seeing corruption all over the place when I'm using X in 16 bit 
> (rgb565), when scrolling in firefox or epiphany some regions are filled 
> with junk. I suspect the NEON fastpaths are either not memsetting the 
> buffers or are inserting bogus data. I can make a screenshot if people 
> would find that helpfull.

Please do.  If I've missed something, I need to know about it.

Are you using the additional patches I sent, or the direct pixman

From: Jonathan Morton
      jonathan.morton at movial.com

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