[cairo] Cairo 1.9.2 performance

cu cairouser at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 17 15:52:51 PDT 2009

Good day all!

 I decided to test our application (that currently uses Cairo 1.8.6)
with 1.9.2 snapshot. A quick test had shown that there is an enormous
performance degradation when using 1.9.2. Here are the self-test printout:

Using 1.9.2 (times in seconds):
Loading running time: 1.11
Transforming running time: 0.06
Drawing running time: 5.18

Using 1.8.6:
Loading running time: 1.12
Transforming running time: 0.06
Drawing running time: 0.50

As you can see, drawing time for the same set of sample data increased
x10 (5.18 sec vs. 0.5 sec). The application is using image backend and
draws approximately equal mix of lines, polygons, "icons" (copies pieces
of another image into the working surface) and text output (essentially
short labels).

This test was performed with Pixman 0.14 and 0.15.12 - there seems to be
no difference based on Pixman version.

I realize that 1.9.2 is not a release yet - but 10 times loss of
performance is something that is not easily overcome. (Personally, I was
hoping for performance improvement - we can use a few milliseconds, but
now I'd just like to keep what was there before).

Any advice and ideas would be appreciated!

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