[cairo] propsal for blur-API in cairo

Jose Gonzalez jose_ogp at juno.com
Fri Jun 19 15:40:57 PDT 2009

   This notion of having support for 'filters' has been raised here in some
threads before.. but there seemed to have been no consensus reached as to
what a 'best' approach might be.

   I would say that this kind of thing would need, at least, good support
from the pixman lib (and other backends) for an efficient, coherent
   The recent move towards a revamp of pixman's internals is likely needed
for that.. as well as to be able able to support other kinds of 'things'
(various kinds of procedurally generated images, various kinds of transition
effects between two such images, etc).

   Cairo's current notion of a 'pattern' (basically image, gradients, and color)
gives some specific examples of such things. If the backends supported other
kinds of things (including possibly a custom/user-defined ability), then they
could be exported as new kinds of cairo patterns. Some of these might be like
'image filters' in that they accept some given surface data as input and could
thus also be seen as modifiers of other given cairo patterns.

   Something like this might be a reasonable way to approach a cairo api
for this stuff, and might be somewhat akin to what has been proposed some
years ago... Or maybe not. But it's likely that pixman (and other backend)
support for this needs to be explored in parallel.

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