[cairo] Image Mapping onto Sphere: EASY/POSSIBLE WITH CAIRO?

darethehair darethehair at gmail.com
Sat May 9 18:23:09 PDT 2009

Hello Folks:

I want to add a 'feature' to an app that I am writing to texture-map a 
(flat) map of the Earth onto a 'sphere' (globe).  I want to do so *only* 
using easy Python techniques and libraries -- and only those that are 
readily available on the Nokia 'Maemo' platform.  To date, PyGTK and 
PyCairo have done all the other tasks I have required admirably.  Now I 
want to do the 'texture-map' thing, and I have not found any examples of 
anybody doing anything like that with PyCairo. 

Does Cairo offer anything to make this job easier?
Does anyone have a 'fast' algorithm that I could use to do this in PyCairo?



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