[cairo] question about userfont

flk1986 flk1986 at 163.com
Sat May 30 20:57:16 PDT 2009

dear cairo's worker:
     I am a worker of shanghai sanhan information company from china, I want to create a new font use cairo's userfont ,but I can't find some papers about cairo userfont on the web. On http://cairographics.org/ I can't get some examples about using font ,So I writing this e-mail in order to get some papers form your.That is the best thing if you can gives me some simply exmples.
    I not good at english,I am sorry if you hardly understand my letter.
    Thank your works,I wish you best! Waiting your answer!
                                                                                 from:feng lunkuo
                                                                                      zhongshanroad 2911
                                                                                       shanghai city 

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