[cairo] A problem about building cairo

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hello there,

I got Cairo compiled by myself using Visual Studio 2008 IDE & compiler, without mingw or other mozilla/linux build tools & environments, i ran windows 7 x64 version and build x64 version of Cairo, what I need to do was build static library of zlib and libpng, and hardest part was to build pixman static library, once all those library built, it is easy to build cairo DLL, i can share my VS solution if you want.


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Subject: [cairo] A problem about building cairo

Hello guys~
I have some trouble with building cairo lib.
My OS is Vista, and my IDE is VS2009. I try to do it under the suggestion “Building
On Windows(Mozilla Build Environment flavor)”. Some preparation has completed,
such as installing zlib libpng and MozillaBuild environment. Pixman has alse be
make successfually. When cairo’s configuration was running in Mingw32.exe, an
error occur, that was “configure: error: no acceptable ld found in $PATH”. ld.exe
havn’t be found in my PC. There are many questions about that on Website,
however not all solutions are of help… 

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