[cairo] RFC: an cairo image operator - cairo_image()

Krzysztof Kosiński tweenk.pl at gmail.com
Sat Apr 24 03:50:27 PDT 2010

2010/4/23 Arjen Nienhuis <a.g.nienhuis at gmail.com>:
>> Proposal:
>> Implement an image operator for cairo.
>> It's possible to draw an image (the contents of an Image Surface) onto a
>> cairo surface with the following code:
>> cairo_translate(...);
>> cairo_scale(...);
>> cairo_set_source(...);
>> cairo_paint(...);
>> I'd like to propose to replace that with a single call to:
>> cairo_image(cr, src, x, y, width, height);
>> Both SVG and PDF have this operator but Cairo has not.

I like it, it would improve the PDF output in Inkscape for example.
However, there should be some way to set the format of the image for
SVG and PDF backends.

Regards, Krzysztof

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