[cairo] [PATCH] OS/2 surface fixes

Dave Yeo daveryeo at telus.net
Sun Aug 8 11:29:16 PDT 2010

On Sun, 08 Aug 2010 13:04:08 -0500, Rich Walsh wrote:

>Thanks for taking the time to look at all that, and more important,
>for trying to figure out what it means :-)
>> If you could do a final once over and check that the tip of the
>> wip/os2-walsh branch compiles cleanly for you
>Since I would have no way to test your modified patches if I built
>the Cairo trunk, I applied them against the version that Mozilla
>currently uses.  With a couple of really trivial changes, they
>applied and built perfectly.  My tests with Firefox indicate that
>everything works as expected.

I pulled the branch and successfully built cairo.dll and tested it
against the clock demo.

>> we'll push to master
>That would be greatly appreciated.
>>>*os2_regression.diff - patch bed2701..f3dda3c removed a block of code
>> This is the only patch that IMHO doesn't need to be applied.
>I'm sure you are correct that neither that function nor any other
>really needs the surface type check.  However, I suspect that anyone
>else looking at the current code would think - like I did - that
>there's an error because the type is checked in every other function
>except that one.
>So, for the sake of consistency, I'd ask you to apply this patch.
>At some later time, we'll submit a new patch that removes all of
>the checks, consistently.  (I expect to submit another batch of
>patches in a few months, so we'll include this as well.)
>BTW...  I have not CC'd the mailing list because I'm not subscribed
>(email overload!).  Feel free to forward this if appropriate.

One minor detail I noticed, running configure --without-x
--enable-os2=yes ends with

*** No native surface backends enabled for your platform. It is
*** recommended that you enable the native surface backend feature for
*** platform.

which is wrong as the native OS/2 surface backend is enabled.

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