[cairo] FW: Emphasized coordinates

Maarten Bosmans mkbosmans at gmail.com
Sun Aug 22 13:57:19 PDT 2010

2010/8/22 necko necko <opustenom at hotmail.com>:
>> Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2010 20:14:26 +0300
>> On Fri, 2010-08-20 at 16:06 +0000, necko necko wrote:
>> > I use the library for displaying connection between a number of
>> > coordinates. Since this number might be very large, the line
>> > thickness is small. However, these coordinates are very important, and
>> > I wonder whether there is a way to somehow make them more clear. This
>> > would mean that the join of two lines should be a dot a bit more
>> > emphasized (slightly larger than the line thickness). Is there a way
>> > to achieve this in cairo?
>> The simplest way I can think of is to explicitly draw a small circle on
>> top of each coordinate you want to emphasise.
> How do you do that in cairo? Say cairo_set_line_width (cr, .05);
> Any suggestion on how to achieve this is welcome.
> Thanks

The API reference manual can be found here:
The function you're looking for is cairo_arc.


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