[cairo] David Turner's cairo-ft rewrite

Jan Slupski follow at juljas.net
Fri Feb 26 14:07:32 PST 2010

Hi Behdad,

I would like to timidly ask what are the chances that "David Turner's 
cairo-ft rewrite" that is in roadmap document attributed to you (for 
Cairo 1.12) will become real?

In fact I was the original reporter of that issue and helped David
to debug it and since then I'm trying to track his patch, but in fact it 
is only pushed forward and forward.

Of course I don't have any resentment because of this, I really admire 
what you guys do, but I'm just surprised that these threading issues 
never hit anybody else so far.

I was looking at the code, but it has quite changed since Cairo 1.4, so
I'm afraid my skills and my Cairo internals knowledge is far to low
to be able to port the patch myself. But let me know if there is
anything I could do to help with this task.

Jan Slupski

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