[cairo] Missing support for libpng 1.4.x

Volker Grabsch vog at notjusthosting.com
Tue Jan 12 05:01:22 PST 2010

Dear Cairo developers,

the configure.ac of cairo seems to contain a list of libpng
package names: (line 164)

    for l in libpng12 libpng13 libpng10 ; do

This list won't support the new libpng 1.4.x versions, although
cairo seems to work flawlessly with them. So I propose to either
add "libpng14" to the list:

    for l in libpng14 libpng12 libpng13 libpng10 ; do

or to simply add "libpng" to the list which should always point
to the most current libpng version:

    for l in libpng libpng12 libpng13 libpng10 ; do



Volker Grabsch
NotJustHosting GbR

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