[cairo] Cairo, pango and Win32.. incorrect font rendering

Solerman Kaplon solerman at wonder.com.br
Mon Jan 18 05:09:22 PST 2010

Peter Clifton escreveu:
> Ok, I dug out my old broken laptop (screen broken), found its original
> HDD (which still had XP installed on it), soldered fatigued PSU cable..
> attached an external screen...
> I was able to test the same code as my bug reporter (same installer
> package), and it worked fine for me. Does that give any more clues? I'm
> frustrated that I can't reproduce it (after a lot of effort to setup the
> hardware).
> I then updated the the latest XP service pack, and the problem is still
> absent. I can only figure that something extraneous is getting in the
> way on my reporter's machine - but I don't know what to try next -
> either to fix his setup, or to reproduce the bug here.
> All ideas appreciated,

Coming from the windows camp, does he have something different applied 
on his screen settings about fonts? DPI stuff, Large fonts of even a bad 
mix of Monitor/Video driver can have all kind of interesting effects on 
applications who wants to use the reported DPI from windows (most just 
assume 96 dpi and be done with it);


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