[cairo] Image backend improved in 1.9.6?

Thomas Dempton t.dempton at yahoo.com
Thu May 6 08:19:28 PDT 2010

Hello Chris,

>> I have heard rumors of an improved image-backend, not going through rasterizeEdge anymore.
>> I profiled my application and an awful lot of cycles are spent in rasterizeEdge() (70%),
>> so I hope this improvement will help. Are there cases which still call rasterizeEdge?

> It is still called for rectilinear non-pixel aligned boxes with a clip-mask.

Sorry for the dumb question, what is a rectliniear box? 
So if I fill an arc whith antialiasing enabled and I have a clip set, this means a fallback right?
And without a clip, its completly gone, right?

Thanks a lot for working on improving performance =)

Thank you, Thomas

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