[cairo] Learning Animation with Cairo

Kapelonis Kostis kkapelon at freemail.gr
Sat May 8 10:26:17 PDT 2010


In order to learn animation with Cairo I created some trivial applications that use only vector graphics for output.
I would love it, if all you Cairo Experts out there can look at my code and see if I have fallen in common pitfalls.

You can download the syndesis-0.3.0.tar.gz file from here http://sourceforge.net/projects/elevate/files/ if you
are interested.

Apart from the usual stuff (gtk+,glib,cairo) you also need the curl headers to compile them. The package is named
libcurl3-dev in Debian Systems (possibly Ubuntu too).

The applications are

1)syndownload. A wrapper of curl. Takes a single argument (a URL). The application is non-interactive once it starts.

2)synview. A scrolling text viewer. Takes a single argument (file to open). In theory it should handle files of any size, since it reads them dynamically as the text scrolls.

Keyboard shotcuts:
Esc = Quit
Space = Stop/Resume scrolling

3)synnet. A network monitoring application for Linux. Takes no arguments.

Keyboard shortcuts:
Esc = Quit
Left = Previous Network Interface
Right = Next Network Interface

I am especially interested to know it I could improve rendering performance in any way. At the moment I am using simple timers (instead
of native threads)

Keep up the good work with Cairo!


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