[cairo] [1.10.0] Windows compatibility?

Cxx Joe cxxjoe at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 8 14:53:07 PDT 2010

Hey guys,

congratulations on launching 1.10.0.

I ran into two problems when building on Windows (Visual Studio 2008,
GNU Make 3.81):

1) Invalid "if" constructs in src/Makefile.sources.
Fixed that using
sed "s/^if \([A-Z_]*\)$/ifeq ($(\1), 1)/" src\Makefile.sources

2) _lround is not available on Windows/MSVC.
Worked around that using
sed "s/#define _cairo_lround lround/static inline long cairo_const
_cairo_lround(double r) { return (long)floor(r + .5); }/"
(which is probably a poor fix)

These issues aside, everything works great (for both x86 and x86_64

Any thoughts?


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