[cairo] [Patch] Fix for Bug #28541 (Win32 redrawing regression)

Hakki Dogusan dogusanh at tr.net
Mon Sep 27 04:05:51 PDT 2010


24/09/2010 22:39, Ingmar Runge wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> here's a possible patch for the issue that has been discussed on the
> mailing list for the last few weeks. It makes sure that the fallback
> surface methods use the .x and .y offsets from
> _cairo_surface_get_extents correctly. The Win32 surface seems to be the
> only surface where those members are ever different from zero, so that's
> probably why it slipped through.
> View: http://sprunge.us/KOZU?diff
> Raw: http://sprunge.us/KOZU
> Please do comment.

Thanks, your patch solved my painting issues!

(Since I'm still developing stage of my program, I'm routinely upgrading 
used libraries -wxWidgets, pixman, cairo, ..- Hence, I wasn't sure where 
the problem come...)

> Best regards
> Ingmar Runge

Hakki Dogusan

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