[cairo] [PATCH 0/3] gl: Remove fixed-function support

Alexandros Frantzis alexandros.frantzis at linaro.org
Fri Jan 28 05:02:51 PST 2011

Hi all!

The proposed patchset removes fixed-function support from the gl backend.
With the patches applied the gl backend will only work with GL implementations
supporting shaders (that is either GL core 2.0 or 1.x with ARB extensions).

The patches can be found in the 'gl-remove-fixed-function' branch at:



Alexandros Frantzis (3):
  gl: Fail if GL implementation doesn't support shaders
  gl: Remove unnecessary checks for NULL shader implementation
  gl: Remove fixed-function related code paths

 src/cairo-gl-composite.c |  106 +--------------------------------------------
 src/cairo-gl-device.c    |    6 ---
 src/cairo-gl-private.h   |    1 -
 src/cairo-gl-shaders.c   |   35 ++++++---------
 4 files changed, 17 insertions(+), 131 deletions(-)


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