[cairo] When printing, chars are replaced with square graphic char

Roger rogerx.oss at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 15:02:20 PDT 2011

>>You could try testing abiword with Type 1, TrueType, and OpenType/PS
>>fonts to see if it is font specific. If you run fc-match "font name" it
>>will tell you if it is Type 1 (pfa/pfb), TrueType, (ttf) or OpenType/PS

I'm guessing, use the GUI selection within Abiword and select all text to
make it use one specific font.  (In other words, no uninstalling all fonts
except Type 1 and no command line options for abiword to ensure abiword is
using only one specific font set.)

roger at localhost2 ~ $ fc-match "Courier New"
cour.ttf: "Courier New" "Normal"

roger at localhost2 ~ $ fc-match "Courier"
courR08-ISO8859-1.pcf.gz: "Courier" "Regular"

This almost seems like spacing has something to do with the char replacement.
(Notice Courier New font is much much larger then other fonts.)
If text is edited, the replaced char (ie. "S") will return to normal, and then
the next similar char (ie. next "S") encountered will be replaced.

I can only guess, text is being processed through a C function, and an anomaly/bug
is encountered which flips the char to print the rectangle/square char.

Abiword is really bad here at displaying this bug.  Seamonkey rarely displays it,
but I caught it by chance yesterday.  And, to the best of my knowledge, I did compile
these listed packages with no optimizations, using -ggdb, etc...  Could also be, another
package is compiled with optimizations and is returning garbage through one of their libs?


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