[cairo] crosscompiling cairo with mingw64

kees de jong omekeesje at ziggo.nl
Wed Sep 21 05:58:07 PDT 2011

Hello everybody,
Has somebody suceeded in crosscompiling cairo with mingw64?
I was successful in crosscompiling gsl (gnu scient. lib.)
so I concluded that the crosscompiler is working, what I
found confirmed by my compiling some programs with that
library. I work on debian linux.
After downloading cairo and dependencies and compling/installing
zlib, png and pixman, I did a configure in cairo without errors.
In trying to compile cairo which I did several times, I always got
errors about include files being not there. I always checked my
include directory and tried to make repairs, but always received
different errors about include files, the last error was 
about X11/xlib.h not found. But a file with that name does not
exist in any of the downloaded packages.
If there is somebody out there who has succeeded in building
cairo with the mingw64 crosscompiler, please let me know and
give me information how you have done it.
 Kees de Jong

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