[cairo] Cairomm with Code::Blocks and GCC for MS Windows

Paul Kertscher paul.kertscher at gmx.de
Mon Jul 16 00:59:16 PDT 2012

Dear All,

I've recently been trying to get Gtkmm with Cairomm working with Code::blocks and GCC under windows (which should be sort of MinGW then) and unfortunately I'm somehow stuck with the cairomm part and hoped someone could mabe give me some hints on how to get this right.
I know that there is a cairomm.dll (or something alike) and .lib files compiled with different visual c++ versions. I tried including the lib files, but the linker always complains about the cairomm functions being missing. I also tried compiling it by myself with mingw, which actually worked, but i'm not sure which of the generated files to include in my project. I think, there are some .la, .l, .so (but not cairomm.so if i'm right) files, and some more, but I am not in MinGW that much, to know which files to use.

It would be very kind if someone could help me, or at least give some hints, because i'd really like to get it working.

Thanks in advance,

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