[cairo] Getting SIGSEGV in pixman

Hakki Dogusan dogusanh at tr.net
Sun May 20 02:15:40 PDT 2012


19-05-2012 14:16 tarihinde, Chris Wilson wrote:
> On Sat, 19 May 2012 13:46:37 +0300, Hakki Dogusan<dogusanh at tr.net>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> (WinXP, MinGW (gcc-4.6.2), Cairo-1.12.2, Pixman-0.25.2)
>> My program runs successfully with Cairo-1.10.2, but getting SIGSEGV with
>> 1.12.2.
> Is there any chance you can produce a small bit of code to reproduce the
> error? The on-stack values are within reason, so we need to dig further
> into the structures to find where the error occurs. A "bt full" would be
> a first step, followed by a p *surface on all the images and surfaces at
> various frames.
> -Chris

(Thanks for responding)

I prepared a minimal win32 sample using my compilation of Cairo-1.12.2; 
uploaded here:

http://www.dynaset.org/dogusanh/download/cairotest.zip (1.8MiB)

I've put Code::Blocks project files, configuration files of Cairo and 
pixman in it.

When you resize the frame, program gets SIGSEGV.

PS. To compile 1.12.2 I've added HAVE_UINT64_T compile flag to project; 
otherwise getting compile error in cairo-wideint-private.h around line 
58. There uint64_t used in #if !HAVE UINT64_T block. If one changes them 
to cairo_uint64_t than compilation stops at cairo-time.c around line 
113; "return t.QuadPart;".

Hakki Dogusan

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