[cairo] _cairo_win32_display_surface_map_to_image issue

Uli Schlachter psychon at znc.in
Thu Nov 15 07:40:23 PST 2012


first: Sorry for my fat fingers. :-(

On 15.11.2012 14:16, Fred Beca wrote:
> Thanks for the reply, it's very helpful. I' ll double check the bits
> you are talking about asap. Just for the record, a simple code snippet
> is available in this post to easily reproduce the problem on windows:
> http://lists.cairographics.org/archives/cairo/2012-November/023728.html

Sorry, but I don't have access to any windows boxes.

> The function may indeed be fed by bogus data, and that's exaclty what
> I am trying to find out, with my little knowledge of the library:
> where and how is the data somehow corrupted?

I'm not really sure that the data gets corrupted. It seems more likely to me 
that some GDI function doesn't behave as expected or has a different 
interpretation of some parameter. That could mean that e.g. too few bytes are 
allocated for the image surface and things go downhill when cairo/pixman try to 
access the bytes near the end of the image surface.


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