[cairo] Code compiled under MinGW with no error ans warring does not work.

Sergey K. bottom at mail.ru
Wed Jul 10 00:04:46 PDT 2013

 Hello, all
I'm trying to compile and run a well known code from [1] using the latest MinGW and GTK+ 2.0 under WinXP on "good old" Dell Latitude D620 with  Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset in Video adapter. Compilation and linking went well, without any error or warring. But after running the executable I can see a gtk-window only, without any "cairo paintings". Codes - from [2] for instance - with "noncairo" widgets like buttons or checkbox (and even DrawingArea widget allowing painting in it by mouse) go without questions. 
IMHO, there are two plausible explanations: either event "draw" has not happened or cairo does not compatible with my Video. Of these, the last one looks too far fetched, taking into account the age of my notebook and its full support on Linux and WinXP. On the other hand the first one looks very strange taking into account the level of GTK+ maturity.  So I have to take an error in the cited code as an obvious consequence. But how could I detect it if I get no message from the compiler and linker? Could someone hint me, where could be this error or where I was wrong? May be the merge some kind of the above cited codes will be a good idea? But how make it right?  

Sergey Kolomiets
Researcher, MIPT Moscow.

1.  http://zetcode.com/gfx/cairo/basicdrawing/
2.  http://www.gtk.org/tutorial1.2/gtk_tut-30.html#ss30.3

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