[cairo] Code compiled under MinGW with no error ans warring does not work.

Olaf Schmidt ng at vbRichClient.com
Fri Jul 12 02:26:50 PDT 2013

Am 10.07.2013 09:04, schrieb Sergey K.:

> I'm trying to compile and run a well known code from [1]
 > using the latest MinGW and GTK+ 2.0 under WinXP on "good old"
 > Dell Latitude D620 with  Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset
 > in Video adapter. Compilation and linking went well,
> without any error or warring. But after running the executable
 > I can see a gtk-window only, without any "cairo paintings".
 > ...
> 1.  http://zetcode.com/gfx/cairo/basicdrawing/

Since nobody else replied so far...
My first thought was, that Pixman was compiled for SSE2-only-mode
(without support for MMX), since that was, where I encountered
problems on some older hardware (CPUs, which didn't support SSE2) -
but that was then easily fixed by enabling MMX in the Pixman-compile.

But then, the CPU on your older Dell-Notebook does support SSE2 AFAIK.

Since you run on Windows - not sure what cairo-version you use
in conjunction with GTK2... meaning, whether this is the "official
binaries, all belonging together and downloaded from a single site"
or if it is a kind of your own mix - with parts compiled yourself...

Anyways (depending on some cairo-versions) there *were* some
bugs in the binding to Win32-typed-Surfaces with regards to
clipping, which in the meantime are solved as I see it - though
not sure, what surfacetype a GTK2-application would apply whilst
creating widget-surfaces and their internal bindings to GTK-windows.
If it is "plain InMemory-ImageSurfaces" GTK is using against hWnds,
then I don't see what could go wrong with some simple drawings -
I'd have understood "missing Font-render-output", since this has
a larger potential to fail due to some more dependencies in the
GTK-stack - but "simple moveto, lineto demos"... <shrug>

Did you tried downloading and installing other GTK2-packages for
windows? A bit more recent - or alternatively a bit older ones -
just to see if the problems are related to a certain release?

Also not sure how important it is for you, to use GTK2 as the
"cairo-provider" (so to say) - and if the C-language is a must on
your end ... I mean, there's also cairo-bindings for Python or LUA
(incl. download-packages for the win-platform), which you could try-out.

Perhaps the cairo-wrappers those tools come with, produce "something
visiblefor a change"... well, you could even use plain VBScript (*.vbs)
in the meantime, to produce cairo-renderings or cairo-Widget-based Mini-
Applications, if that is, what you planned to use cairo for...

So, yeah - just poking a bit, if your problem is still there -
or what you tried with regards to different GTK-versions - or with
regards to "entirely different cairo-based frameworks/languages".


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