[cairo] JPEG Support For Libcairo

Adrian Johnson ajohnson at redneon.com
Mon Dec 28 15:27:25 PST 2015

On 29/12/15 00:42, Bernhard Fischer wrote:
> I implemented two small functions which read/write JPEG into/from a Cairo 
> image surface.
> Please find more info here:
> https://www.cypherpunk.at/2015/12/jpeg-support-for-libcairo/
> Best regards,
> Bernhard

If you are going to use this code with any of the PDF/PS/SVG/Win32Print
backends it is a good idea to set the JPEG mime data for the image
surface. That way JPEG files will be embedded directly in the output
instead of the backend compressing the image data with lossless
compression. See attached patch.

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