[cairo] Release planning for 0.14.2

Dan Raymond draymond at foxvalley.net
Thu Mar 5 17:46:25 PST 2015

Are the following two fixes going to make it into the release?

1) ./configure failure when building under MinGW on Windows


2) runtime warnings about CGFontGetGlyphPath deprecation under OS X 10.10

    [configure.ac, src/cairo-quartz-font.c]

I posted patches to the list about a month ago and I think someone said 
(1) was already in the mainline but I don't recall the outcome of (2).

On 3/4/2015 3:59 PM, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> I'm starting today on prepping a new release.  It's been a few months
> since our last release, and we've accumulated a fair bit of changes in
> trunk.  On a cursory look, these are all fixes, refactors, and
> optimizations -- nothing that changes API -- so this release will be
> numbered 0.14.2.
> If you know of patches that should be considered, please flag them for
> me by Friday at the latest.  I'm aiming to announce the release the
> morning of Monday, March 9th.
> Bryce

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