[cairo] Cairo Examples

Ali Sarlak ali.sarlak at aol.com
Wed Mar 25 06:47:03 PDT 2015

After I configured and build the cairo I found /test directory that I think it contains the examples of ciaro but after make command the folder just contain [*.o] object file no any executable files exist there.

Is the test directory contain prepared example of cairo or not?
If it contains the examples of cairo how to make executable file?

my configure is:

./configure --prefix=/home/super/Desktop/cairo/target/usr --host=${CROSS_COMPILE} --enable-egl --enable-glesv2 CFLAGS="-I/home/super/Desktop/cairo/target/usr/include/" LIBS="-L/home/super/Desktop/cairo/target/usr/lib/ -lz"

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