[cairo] rounding glyph positions

Matthias Clasen matthias.clasen at gmail.com
Thu Aug 1 21:00:45 UTC 2019

I've stumbled over cairo_round_glyph_positions_t.

With subpixel positioning, it does not make a lot of sense to round glyph
extents to pixel boundaries. But cairo has a font option called
cairo_round_glyph)_positions_t, which
unfortunately gets hardcoded by the target surface with no api to override

Behdad and myself have been wondering why this is separate from
in the first place - as far as we can see, the two are more or less
synonymous. But one is
settable, and the other isn't :(

Thankfully, it may not matter much for pango, since we use harfbuzz for
glyph extents.

But I'd still like to understand what the rationale is for a) this being
separate from hint metrics
and b) this not being settable.
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