[cairo] Cairo samples using RCairo on Windows - Ok to use?

Mohit Sindhwani ml3p at onghu.com
Fri May 28 16:56:28 UTC 2021

Thanks Øyvind !

On 2021-5-29 12:53 am, Øyvind Kolås wrote:
> Yay!
> I find code samples with restrictive licenses to be silly. I've seen
> my share of GPL,
> LGPL and commerical unlicensed source available tutorials; which is why the page
> explicitly states that the examples are to be public domain (perhaps
> this should be
> revised with CC0 - given that public domain does not exist in all of the world.)

Clearance from you kinda puts me in the clear :)

Stay tuned for an updated link with a very long page!

Best Regards,
2021-5-29 | 12:56 am.

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