[Cairo] GtkCairo

Carl Worth cworth at east.isi.edu
Wed Nov 5 16:06:55 PST 2003

On Nov 5, Evan Martin wrote:
 > I cut the guts out of grrobot's board view to create a preliminary
 > "GtkCairo" widget for GTK.

Evan, thanks for doing this.

Just yesterday (?) I committed some similar work by Amaury Jacquot. It
can be found in cairo-demo/gtk. It would be useful to compare the two

 > Here's a screenshot of the included demo (the slider rotates the box,
 > and the animate checkbox uses gtk_timeout_add, etc.):

Very nice. That's the first real animated Cairo/Gtk+ demo I've seen.

 > Is this the right direction?  I can put it in CVS if it's useful.

It never hurts to have lots of demos in CVS. They can help users see
different ways of doing things. Maybe just push the current
cairo-demo/gtk code down into a subdirectory and put your code next to


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