[Cairo] Cairo Debian Packages

Carl Worth cworth at east.isi.edu
Wed Nov 26 06:24:44 PST 2003

On Nov 26, Sven Luther wrote:
 > the true Cairo stuff being slim, libcairo, libic and libpixregion. I
 > don't really know about libsvg, libxsvg and xsvg, these are cairo using
 > libraries and applications, right ?

Correct. So if you want to talk about cairo being made up of "loads of
small libraries" the current number is 4 going on 3.

And really, only 2 of those are cairo proper. The idea behind slim is
that its macros would be useful for any shared library. I'll grant
that it's odd to have a package for three tiny header files.

 > I still believe one single tarball containing all the stuff (in separate
 > subdirs) would be the way to go for easy distribution, but the build
 > system would need to be changed accordyingly. I don't remember exactly
 > what we said last time, but would we ever use libcairo withough
 > libpixman or libpixman without libcairo ?

libcairo will always depend on libpixman. But libpixman is intended to
be useful alone, (otherwise I would not have made it a separate
library). The primary other customer for libpixman is the X server. It
has the original code which led to libpixman, and it will be very
helpful to move the server over to eliminate this code duplication.


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