[cairo] Re: Cairographics on win32

Niki Spahiev niki.spahiev at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 07:29:29 PDT 2005

Oleg Smolsky wrote:

> Here is my $0.02 on this matter: Having such a system would be nice,
> and it would solve a lot of issues, but, for my projects it is of no
> consequence.
> - Cairo is just one part of a workspace with 30 projects
> - The entire thing is compiled under VC++ IDE and debugged using the
>   built-in debugger
> I have no intention of porting the build to anything else, and if
> cairo came with these new build files for that new ideal build system,
> I'd just ignore them, and create a VC++ project.

FYI scons can generate .DSP files

Niki Spahiev

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