[cairo] Assembler problems on FreeBSD?

Stéphane LOEUILLET leroutier at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 11:41:27 PDT 2005


> I'm trying to get Cairo 1.0.0 going on my FreeBSD 4.10 (stable) machine, but
> I'm running into problems.  The big one is this:
> /var/tmp//cc2rxalb.s: Assembler messages:
> /var/tmp//cc2rxalb.s:8610: Error: symbol `skip' is already defined
> /var/tmp//cc2rxalb.s:8704: Error: symbol `skip2' is already defined

afaik, it has been fixed post 1.0.0 (in CVS) :
2005-08-28  Owen Taylor  <otaylor at redhat.com>

        * src/fbmmx.c (detectCPUFeatures): Use local labels rather than
        global labels in the assembly, to be robust if the code is inlined
        in multiple places. (#4283, Reported by Marco Manfredini)

(from cairo/pixman/ChangeLog file)

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