[cairo] Cairo + FreeType Binaries for WIndows?

robertk54 at aol.com robertk54 at aol.com
Wed Apr 9 13:42:13 PDT 2008

Just realized, are you alluding to using the win32 API's to?get all?the installed fonts?? If so I would prefer not doing so.? This is currently for a Windows target but is for prototyping what will ultimately be a Linux implementation.? I want to use as much of the same API's as possible.? I will be bringing?this to a Linux environment in the near future and I assume I will need to use the FreeType API's to get the complete set of fonts.? I need to prototype on WIndows due to other existing functionality which makes the development far more efficient.

>The only reason you need Freetype is if you want to use a font that is NOT installed. eg. working directly with a font file using >the freetype API. If you just want to use pango+cairo to render text using any installed font and language, the binaries from >GTK will be enough.

This is certainly great news.? In my latest code I added FontConfig / FreeType directly.? Using the equivalent to 'fc-list' I found over 180 fonts.? The Cairo I am using (no FreeType support) only seems to be able to render a few of these (Times stands out). ?Most fonts render the same.? Does this mean that the installed fonts are just a few of the ones found by FontConfig?? Obviously I could be doing something wrong.

>Instruction for building cairo under msys/mingw are exactly the same as building under linux and can be found in the INSTALL >file of a cairo release.

Ok, I will have to take a closer look if the above does not pan out.


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