[cairo] Cairo + FreeType Binaries for WIndows?

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Wed Apr 9 15:17:23 PDT 2008

>Is getting a list of installed fonts a requirement or are you just working with a fixed set of fonts? I am trying to understand >what's not working. Is some fonts not working but other as well? Font names that are not working would be useful.

Yes, I think.? The final product needs to support any font a user wants to use.? I do not want to limit this to a predefined set that we include within our product.? We need to allow for users installing thier own fonts, perhaps fonts they develop themselves (within reasonable limititations).? I am assuming this means I need to support a user providing a font pattern which the product will search for, find and render onto the Cairo ARGB surface.? If?Cairo + Pango alone can handle this then?this is great.

My initial development used Cairo alone.? This was ok for a start but limited the types of fonts to those with 'standard' layouts (left to right).? My second step was to integrate with Pango to allow for use of 'non-standard' (Hebrew, Chinese, etc.) layouts.? I got to the point where Cairo + Pango worked with 'standard' fonts, but I could not get the 'non-standard' stuff working.? I asumed all I need do was implement the gravity attributes but all I could get was boxes instead of text with anything but the vertical selection.? Since I assumed I needed to add FontConfig and FreeType at some point I thought perhaps I was not using the correct font sets and that it was a good time to add these libraries.? Once I added FontConfig and FreeType I was able to determine all the available fonts and implemented a means to provide the font pattern to select a particular one.? It was at this point I determined that only some of the fonts would render as expected and the others would all seem to render?using some default font.? I could supply more detail about which fonts rendered as expected and which did not.? At this point it was suggested that I needed Cairo + FreeType to allow the font pattern to be passed to Cairo properly.? This is why I started my search for the binaries or build environment.

Once I get the basics working I need to do some more advanced layouts.? My code can already animate the text (scroll and fade).??We need to do things similar to PowerPoint animations.? One example would be a wave pattern where letters are higher than others.? The high point?will scroll down the text string at some rate.? I am hoping I can achieve this using Pango but this is not a big concern at this point.

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