[cairo] 1.10 timeline and beyond

Tim Teulings tim at framstag.com
Sun Jun 13 00:36:39 PDT 2010

> If you have stuff you want in, or want your favourite backends to work
> in 1.10 as advertised, please speak up and give your code a whirl.
> We'll try to be less of a joke this time.

What about the effect I had recently found in 1.9.6 regarding reacting 
to InvalidateRect triggered WM_PAINT events under Windows. It seems like 
cairo 1.9.x is behaving differently as 1.8.x, possibly handling clipping 
region wrong in this case? This may be a critical bug in 1.9.x under 
Windows and should be fixed if it is! I can offer more details on 
request. I have to admit that I was a little bit suprised to get no 
answer from one of the maintainers :-/ Is there no windows mainter, is 
(s)he in holiday?


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