[cairo] 1.10 timeline and beyond

Tim Teulings tim at framstag.com
Tue Jun 15 00:08:58 PDT 2010


>> This may be a critical bug in 1.9.x under Windows and should be
>> fixed if it is! I can offer more details on request.
> Sounds bad!  Could you open a bug report on bugs.freedesktop.org
> against cairo 1.9.6 and attach a minimal standalone test case which
> reproduces your problem?  It's far too easy to miss bug reports on the
> mailing list or assume they've been dealt with by the reporter if
> things go quiet.


Btw., the bug of course still exists in 1.9.8. I also had build  
problems because the printing surface support in the win32 backend  
call some internal code with an old signature. Is this also already  
known? Can someone reproduce this?

> I'm afraid there's no windows maintainer, so your testing and feedback
> is all the more appreciated!  Keep rattling those bells, please. :)

Not so nice :-/ Doesn't cairo play for example an importent part in  
Firefox? I also planed to drop my direct Win32 API access in favour of  


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