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Following additional details:

*       Hardware details: PXA270 (ARMV Architecture) with on-chip internal display controller, operating on 512 MHz processor speed, having 64 MB RAM, no FPU/GPU

*       Linux kernel version: V2.6.35.9

*       Stack is wxWidgets (V3.0.4) -> GTK+2 (V2.24.32) -> Pango (V1.3.0) -> Cairo (V1.14.12) -> XFbdev (X  server)

*       For example, when calling wxMessgaeBox,

o   First, background of message box is drawn

o   After noticeable delay, the text and icon are drawn in the message box

o   When click on "OK" button, message box disappears immediately

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We see the rendering of screens being very slow and we suspect it
could be because of floating point operations. Since we do not have
complex graphics, it is possible to switch off floating point operations
or even switch off "double"?  Also I am not sure if this is the reason
for the poor rendering performance.

I wonder if the problem actually might be the speed of writing to
the framebuffer.

I used to work on stuff like that, and I found that it was speedier to
do all my drawing onto a cairo image surface instead of directly on the
framebuffer.  I would draw an entire frame on the image surface,
and then paint the completed image onto the framebuffer surface.

-Mike Gran
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